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720p small screen for best quality!

Please don’t mention the show in comments! Music info at the end of the video.

So, I really want to get into using more instrumental music for videos to try to express more (I got really inspired by the likes of sparksfly221 (who I also found the song through one of her videos), SecretlyToDream, and Sapphiamur) and I decided to make a character study to Sebastian.

Basically, this is kind of more of a headcanon as to why it seems that Sebastian doesn’t get along with his dad. When Sebastian was younger (the “B&W” spots with the younger kid) his mom died (from what, I don’t know yet) and ever since his dad has blamed him, especially when he’s drunk. This led to Sebastian going out and partying every night (which led to him being attacked one night—the clip of him in the hospital), having his first kiss with someone probably twice his age, being a general asshole, and holding up a wall that he never wants anyone to come into.

P.S. I’m sorry most of the audio clips looks off with the lips. Sony Vegas was being bitchy about it for some reason.

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